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Healthy Facts About Mangos

Mangos The mango is one of the most popular fruits on earth. Farmers and regular home owners alike cultivate more than a thousand varieties. Although mangos can be small or large depending on type, they grow on trees in temperate climates and are generally oval shaped with a large, flat oblong seed at the core. This fruit is very common in the tropics, across India and even in places like Florida and California in the United States. The mango is very versatile. According to some sources, it is the most widely used fruit in the world. It has endless applications from dips, desserts and smoothies to sweetening your favorite entrees. In fact, Mangos are so delicious that people forget they also carry tremendous health benefits in addition to their superb taste.

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Here are just a few of the health benefits found in a mango: 1. Vitamin Rich: Mangoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A and flavonoids like beta-carotine, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. The antioxidant compounds generic cialis in mangos have been found to protect against various forms of cancer such as colon, breast and prostate cancers. Consuming natural fruits that are rich in carotenes also helps to protect against lung and oral cavity cancers. 2. Helps to Lower Cholesterol: Mangos have high levels of fiber and vitamin C. These help to lower the canadian pharmacy 24 hr review

“bad” cholesterol. 3. Healthier eyesight: The high Vitamin A content in mangos helps to promote good eyesight and dry eyes. 4. Help with Diabetes: While mangos cannot cure diabetes, their low glycemic index allows a diabetic to consume moderate quantities without causing their sugar levels to spike. 5. Digestion: The fiber content in mangos helps with digestion and elimination 6. Immune System: The Vitamin C, canadian pharmacy meds Vitamin A and carotenoid content in mangos helps to boost your immune system and keep it strong. So, the next time you pass through the fruit isle at your generic viagra favorite grocery store, grab a mango or two and enjoy the taste of healthy!

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