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A Kiwi a Day

Kiwi Is the kiwi a combination of other fruits such as bananas, melon, strawberries or mangoes? Is the kiwi a hybrid? Absolutely not! The Kiwi is a remarkably unique and exotic fruit. It originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, then went to New Zealand and today is cultivated not only in China but in the United States, Chile and several European countries. Over 90% of kiwi fruit production in the U.S. comes from California where they grow a variety of kiwi known as Hayward, which

is one of the most popular. The kiwi, is an oval-shaped fruit whose skin is greenish-brown and hairy. It’s soft flesh is bright green with black seeds. It has a bittersweet but unique taste and has been declared the national fruit of China.

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Medicinal Properties of the Kiwi Fruit

One of the wonders of the kiwi fruit is its vitamin C content. Consuming one kiwi per day covers the recommended daily allowance for this vitamin. Eating one kiwi per day also protects you from catching a cold or the flu because the blast of vitamin C energizes your immune system. Kiwi is also rich in Vitamin E and contains significant amounts of vitamins B6, B2, niacin, B1 and vitamin A. Eating kiwi will help keep your heart healthy, lower cholesterol and regulate online viagra digestion because this fruit is high in fiber. It contains 3.40 g/100 g of the most soluble fiber topping another common fresh fruit –apples which have 2.7g /100g of retail price of viagra fiber. Soluble vegetable fiber type (pectins and mucilages) reduce cholesterol absorption. If you eat a kiwi every day it can significantly reduce the risk of forming blood clots and reduce the amount of fat in the blood (15% reduction of triglycerides). Potassium, magnesium and iron are among the minerals we receive from the kiwi. cheap viagra online in australia It even has more potassium than bananas. It also contains copper, which like vitamin C, helps to improve intestinal iron absorption. This means eating kiwi is a good idea whenever a person is anemic. Kiwi is highly recommended during pregnancy because its rich folate content helps to prevent fetal malformations. The Journal of Physiology Fitness Sports Medicine (1990) reports a study by the University of Beijing (China) which concluded that by consuming kiwi, athletes increase their resistance to fatigue by 24% compared to those who did not consume this fruit. Researchers tie the results of this study with the high vitamin C and mineral content of this fruit.

How to Select and Conserve Kiwis

It all depends on when you plan to eat them. If you want to eat your kiwi quickly, you will want to choose the ones that are softer to the touch. On the other hand, if you would like to keep your kiwi for 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator, choose those that feel firmer to the touch. The firmer ones are not yet ready to eat and need time to ripen. The size does not matter, you can choose them large or small, what matters is whether they are ready to eat (ripeness). Farmers usually harvest kiwis when they are green, but kiwis have the ability to mature well off the vine. If you want to speed up the ripening process, place them inside of a paper bag with an apple and banana. The California harvest period begins in late September, most of the fruits are harvested in October and early November, and therefore there is an abundant supply during the winter and spring months. So make sure you do not miss the opportunity. It is

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time to take advantage of the benefits of eating at least one kiwi every day!

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  1. Lupe C Ocasio says:

    THANKS for this article on Kiwi! I had no idea of the nutritional value of this fruit! I will make sure they are part of my daily diet from now on.
    It appears that not just an apple, but a kiwi a day will keep the doctor away! Amazing!!!

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