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Zero Calories, Zero Benefits: Why Diet Sodas are Bad for You

“Water is boring.” “It has zero calories, so it can’t be bad for me.” “I’m dieting.” “I’m trying to lower my sugar intake. ” There are plenty of reasons people use to drink diet sodas, but as we learn more about what goes into diet sodas, the less viable those reasons are. It was once believed that diet sodas were a legitimate alternative. If you had raging sweet tooth, diet sodas were billed as a way to satisfy that craving without packing cialis online in the calories and the sugar. Diet Pepsi was first marketed, for example, with emphasis on the cosmetic impact of the product. But is it worth it? The answer is ‘no, absolutely not’. Artificial sweeteners have been the center of debate for over a decade now. Sensational stories link it to cancer, even lupus. People still continue to question the validity of these studies. But that doesn’t mean diet sodas are good for you, or should be considered OK to consume. Hungry? It Could Be Your Diet Soda Calories have been tadalafil online given a bad rap. The body needs calories to survive. When you drink something with zero calories, you are playing a trick on your body. Whenever you eat, your body begins a chain reaction, preparing to digest the food you eat. When you drink a zero calorie soda, your body can become confused because it’s gaining no energy or nutrition from digestion. The result: you feel hungrier. Diet sodas don’t fulfill the promise of sugars and energy that your body is expecting, and kicks your hunger drive into gear. How Could Something So Sweet, Be So Bad? Our bodies do not need sugar. We obtain a form of it, glucose, naturally from foods like potatoes, bread and vegetables (carbohydrates), but this doesn’t stop us from craving those sweet things. Artificial sweeteners are a hundredfold more sweet than regular sugar. If you drink pharmacy technician course in canada online diet sodas filled with these fake sugars, your tongue will start to think that taste is what ‘sweet‘ is. Prolonged consumption of artificial sweeteners may create an issue, where naturally sweet foods, such as fruit or honey, don’t taste as sweet and no longer satisfy cravings. Diet or No Diet Soda? Diet Sodas are bad for you, but so are non-diet sodas. Carbonated beverages have something called phosphoric acid. Along with the carbon dioxide, it’s what

makes it fizz. This substance makes soda more acidic than lemon juice (even vinegar) and the sweetness is added to mask that acidity. Studies have linked phosphoric acid to loss in bone density. If you are looking to start living a healthier lifestyle, or to lose weight, switching to zero calorie or diet sodas pharmacy compounding in canada might seem like an easy step to take. After a while, you may not notice that weird aftertaste. Alas, with all things in health and wellness, the easy step is not always the best one. If you just can’t give up those fizzy drinks, the best thing you can do is limit yourself on regular canadian pharmacy online soda and reduce your intake to special occasions, with a pre-determined meal. Zero calories does not mean zero side-effects.

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  1. kate says:

    I think you are so right. I see people all the time putting artificial sweeteners on the fresh fruit bowls we serve at our small cafe. I believe the fruit we buy at our local farmers market is the best it shocks me to witness people putting artificial sweeteners on fresh local farmers market fruit!!!

  2. Ana Martinez says:

    i am going to stick to diet coke it is not because of the lack of calories it is because of the flavor.

  3. Stacey says:

    Thank you for this article, I could not agree more. I am against artificial sweeteners and have been for a long time because not only do I think they are ‘bad news’, they are also tested on animals – which I am also against. It is great to know that there are others out there with a brain and some common sense. And also, for those like myself who avoid this crap, lol, we also have to read labels (which I’m use to being vegetarian), as artificial sweeteners are used in so many everyday products with chewing gum being a big one. I cannot find a pack of gum at Walmart, etc. without this crap in it but that’s okay I just go to a natural food store and get some. A little out of the way but it’s worth it. A great brand of natural gum that I have found is the closest to ‘regular’ gum sold is: Between! Dental Gum, here is a post I did about it:

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