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Where Are You Standing?

Many years ago I was standing in a line with my family waiting for the gate of a park to open. There was a woman in front of us with a child of about 8 years of age who was very excited about going in. In his excitement, he was running everywhere and his mother could not keep track of him. The woman rebuked her son several times for roaming out of her sight and warned him sternly to remain within view. In response to the warning, the boy proceeded to jump from one location to another, each time testing his mother to see whether his new location was too far. Every time he moved to a new spot, he asked in a very

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loud voice if she approved of where he was now standing. Absolutely exhausted by her son’s behavior, and attempting to come up with something that would silence him and keep him from disturbing the rest of us, the woman shouted back — “Look! If you can see me from where you are, then you are standing in the right place!” Fortunately for the mom (and for the rest of us), that worked. He did not have a good comeback for that, and it kept him quiet until the gate opened. As I considered the incident later, it made me think of how we (grown-ups) act with God. Like the boy in the story, we like to push the limits of where we are standing to see just how far we can go. Spiritually, we live on the edge, just inside the bounds of where we know God would have us be. The unfortunate thing is that eventually we play this game to our demise. After sticking too close to the edge for long enough, we come to believe that we are standing in an OK spot, and we fall. Friend; where are you standing? Can you see God from where you are? If you’ve lost sight of Him, perhaps you are standing in the wrong place. I would like to encourage you to come back and stand where you can see Him. I would like to leave you with the Words found in 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” God loves you. Stay close to Him and be safe.

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  1. A. Moore says:

    Amen! This was a very good story.

  2. Abigail Rivera says:

    Thank you for this reflexion. God bless you.

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