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Juicing Recipes for Kale

If you’ve never juiced before, it’s important to note that you need a special juicer that will extract the majority of juices and push out the remaining dry pulp of the fruit or vegetables you put in. Not all juicers can juice kale properly. If you plan to purchase one to gain the benefits of juicing, then research which model is the most appropriate for kale (because you can add kale to just about any juice recipe!) Want to learn more about juicing and the benefits? Check out “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” through Netflix. Here are some of our favorite juice recipes: Good Morning • 4 apples • 3 carrots • 4 stalks celery • 2 cups of kale • 1 pear Simple Green Juice • 1 cup of spinach • 2 cups of kale • 2 cups parsley • 1 cucumber • 3 stalks celery Green Zipper • 2 1/2 green apples • 1/2 cucumber • 1 snippet of ginger (about the size of the tip of your thumb) • 1-2 cups of kale (to taste) Mean Green • 1 cup of spinach • 1/2 cucumber • 3 stalks celery • 3 carrots • 2 apples (red or green) • 2 cups kale Parsley Pep • 1 cup of parsley • 1 cup of kale • 1 red apple • 2 carrots • 2 celery stalks • 1 snippet of ginger Eye Eye Captain • 5 carrots • 2 cups of kale The Energizer • 2 red apples • 1/2 cucumber • 1/2 lemon (peeled) • 1 cup kale • 1/2 cup spinach • 4 stalks celery • 1 snippet of ginger • 1/4 head of romaine lettuce • 2 carrots

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  1. New Vegan says:

    Loved this site because it gives you several variations of juice recipes. I like that!

  2. Dona says:

    I like the combinations of the various veggies and fruit

  3. Mia says:

    I was looking for some kale juice recipes – I’m so glad I found your site because here are seven fantastic ones I can’t wait to try! Thank you so much.

  4. Sage Bramhall says:

    My husband has MS and we are seeking any and all advice as to the best diet for him to have healthy living.

  5. Heather says:

    Hi, i, new to juicing..I was looking for some kale recipes. I made a juice concoction tonight and had to gag it down, it was awful LOL! I used 2 apples, 2 carrots, 3 strawberries, about a cup of kale, a cup of collard greens, and 3 sprigs of mustard greens…I was still bitter and tasted like grass 🙁

    • Janine says:

      It’s probably the mustard greens. They bite. They ruined a smoothie I made one time. My husband and I couldn’t drink it.

  6. Kay says:

    just what I needed. My husband said kale was the best for you and bought a bag but the bag is still in the frig waiting for some good recipes I guess. Thanks.

  7. Nap says:

    finally I got it..been looking for kale receipts..thank you!

  8. Kelly says:

    I am getting a juicer today- and love these recipes. Thank You!
    Healthy New Year to All!

  9. pj says:

    I’ve been green-juicing for years. Some of the juice I make tastes good and others are barely palatable and I drink them down as if taking a really big dose of cod liver oil. It doesn’t bother me to take ‘nasty’ medicine like that because its the best thing for one’s body and spirit. Juice combos: (I always include organic carrots with these.) Kale, spinach, collards, clover, nettles (small amounts and no they don’t sting once juiced), common plantain, dandelion greens and blossoms, and purslane. Never pick these greens where spraying of herbicides and pestices are going on, and always thoroughly. It helps to have a garden, and I will juice whatever is ripe during the summer: green beans, tomatoes, a few herbs, zuchini, asparagrus, and so on. Only one glass a day will do you, but you can include more if you like. Fruit juices are great too, but better to eat fruit whole, so as to get the fiber and reduce the fructose amounts.

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