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New Traditions

Well, more like vegetarian, vegan/raw…..Tradition! Hi, my name is Linda Merkle. I am the Chef at the Thanks Jordan Vegan Café in Lockport, IL. I was so excited when I was asked to contribute to the November issue of Vegetarian Spotlight Magazine. I told everyone, “I’m Miss November!” OK, so it’s not that kind of Miss November. But nevertheless, it’s November! Time for good eats and good company. So with that said…Welcome to the November Issue of Vegetarian Spotlight Magazine. Wow, we’re here. We’re really

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in November. Ya know – the time when we are all nervous about keeping up our good eating habits, staying true to what we preach. Eyes are on us, “Is she going to go for the turkey?” We are faced with challenges every day, so why is Thanksgiving so different? I think it’s because of tradition. It’s tradition to have turkey every third Thursday of November.

So when we step out of the “norm”, eyes are on us. Well, if that’s the case….let’s show them! Let’s show them all the great beautiful food that we eat. Food that when we’re finished eating, we don’t need a nap, don’t need to wear spandex pants so it stretches with our stomachs, and don’t need to unzip our pants. What we will need is a partner who would like to go for a walk or play some ball after dinner. So what is it you can eat? Whatever you’d like! Maybe you can start some new traditions, say like…turkey made from nuts and veggies dehydrated into a mouthful of joy. How about some good ole’ fashioned pecan pie? Wow, a pie that’s never been baked? Or, how about some yummy yams with dates and pecans and a wondrous drizzle? A cranberry sauce that makes your Aunt Mable blush. Make a vegan cheese cake that will have everyone smilin’ for the camera. You could introduce another tradition by making your Thanksgiving a “potluck”; have everyone in your family bring something that is raw living foods. You supply the largest part of the meal, and let them bring the side dishes. This allows them to do some research on raw living foods. Your new tradition also gives them the chance to learn all the health benefits behind this lifestyle. It could even help Uncle Bud with his diabetes. Or how about

Aunt Mable’s arthritis? Wow, can you imagine what can take place at you family Thanksgiving table…..New Traditions! Vegetarian Spotlight Magazine is a great way to get new ideas, new recipes and great information. This is a way to pull together and support one another. You can also go to or Enjoy your Thanksgiving and God bless you all! Linda Merkle Guest Editor, Vegetarian Spotlight Magazine

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  1. Samantha says:

    I’ve had both the Mediterranean kale salad and the pecan pie 🙂 Both are very delicious! But I must say, the fruit salad is my personal favorite. 🙂

  2. Crystal Kassenoff says:

    This was great, I cant tell you how many times I actually dread Thanksgiving, knowing that I will have to wear those spandex pants or later on in the night unbuckle my belt. Knowing that we can have a Turkey with nuts and veggies..where can I sign up!!! I can serve my family a healthy Thanksgiving instead of a plate of heartache. Thank you Linda for New Traditions, and for a new hope for a healthier way of life!!!

  3. Kim Tedrow says:

    The pecan pie is absolutely scrumptious!! Thanksgiving is a time where we always feel the need to sleep from all the junk foos, to know that I can have great foods that are good for me, bring on the skinny jeans….LOL Great article!!!! Thank you Linda for some great information!!

  4. FRAN KLAPPA says:

    the food is absolutley delicious, fresh, tasty & really presented well. I’m not a vegan, but my daughter & I had the most pleasant meal. the surroundings are very calming & welcoming. but the best part is the volunteers. Linda’s giving nature & love for charity is so present, even after a busy day, it came through. will come back for that yummy food…..

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