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Healthy Facts On Potatoes

Throughout the United States, potatoes are the most popular vegetable, even ahead of other well known vegetables such as lettuce and onions. You can cook potatoes in a variety of ways, and they, cialis pills for sale uk, buy cialis 20 mg online, viagra casera para hombres, viagra vs revatio

are included in one out of three meals eaten by almost all Americans. When they are prepared in a healthy way, a potato can be an excellent source of energy and also pack a nutritional punch. Like oranges, potatoes are very high in vitamin C. The fact is, one medium potato contains 45% of the vitamin C that’s recommended for good health. Potatoes are also high in fiber and carbohydrates and contain more potassium than a banana. A potato is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. The skins of the potatoes provide a helpful dose of fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and several B vitamins. Potatoes are very versatile since you can boil them, steaming them, or even roasting them. If at all possible, you should avoid putting potatoes in the refrigerator or freezing them, as cold will turn the potato starch to sugar and cause them to turn dark when they are cooked. When you store potatoes, keep them in a cool, dark place. Too much light will cause them to turn green. You can store them in the basement

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if you have one, as the basement is a great place to keep potatoes. From mashed potatoes to baked potatoes, a potato is a vegetable we all know and love. They serve many different tasty foods, and they provide our bodies with plenty of healthful benefits. Whether you grow your own or buy them, the potato is the one vegetable that makes your vegetarian lifestyle just a little bit better!

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  1. Lupe says:

    Wow! I love potatoes but had no idea they contained as much potassium as a banana!